My name is ShinYin, I come from Taiwan. After completing my Masters in Marketing in the UK, I moved to Germany in September 2023 because I got married. I started my floral adventure in Taiwan, from learning to tie bouquets to setting up photo booths and weddings. I also experienced this journey in a florist's shop in the UK, until now I am here in Germany. I love creating large scale works, whether it's a 360 degree bridal bouquet or a full wedding set up.

Floral art is a never-ending journey, and I try to express myself in each and every one of my creations, and I am always trying to learn and challenge the impossible.


Every single flower has its own special beauty. We try not to let this beauty get lost in an overloaded bouquet, but to emphasise it with subtle colour combinations and light-looking arrangements. This results in elegant and innovative floral creations that do not impose themselves, but want to stand out through their simplicity.